SirfKeval Sigma

SIRFKEVAL is our dream concept which has recently taken wings in India, under the mentor ship of Mr. Tarak Mehta and myself Mrs. Kalpna Mehta.

We have combined products on health, wellness and beauty that will prove to be beneficial to the well being of our users.

Promising high quality clinical services and products, SirfKeval is fortunate to enhance God gifted naturalness by the correct use of technology and wellness ethics.

Speaking more about the products under the mother brand SirfKeval, we have a body aligning technology called Ultralign. It is a high tech product that cures joint pains naturally, without the aid of drugs or surgery. A specialized product which comes to bail you out of chronic pain complaints. For example; low back pain, neck pain, headaches, knee pain etc. Ultralign looks for misalignments, curvatures, subluxations or spinal dysfunctions, a thin cartilage, pressure on a disc, a rotated hip, postural deviations, even muscle imbalances and nutritional deficiencies as well as the extreme conditions. SirfKeval understands that good health comes from within. The spine is marvellous structure as it houses the spinal cord. Your nervous system is responsible for monitoring the activity and well being of the entire body. To insure good health, you have to be sure the spinal column is in line. All the nerves that go out from it and come back through it must be functioning properly and at peak performance. By correctly realigning the spine SirfKeval gives relief from symptoms and also removes the cause of the problem. This can only be done with regular SirfKeval Wellness care.

Another invention is our Purwave product, a beauty enhancer that works magnificently on nerves and muscles of the face, thus bringing on a youthful appearance to the user. It helps fight all signs of ageing like; fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots etc. It rejuvenates and enhances the facial skin, improves skin hydration, helps tighten the skin and increase muscle tone.

SIRFKEVAL is constantly trying to get the best natural product to promote natural healing.

We believe in catering to everyone, easing them off their pains and also being a catalyst to our user’s evergreen beauty!

Future of SirfKeval –

Our aim is to reach out to the masses. All age groups are welcome to try one of our inventive products. We want SirfKeval to be a part of every person’s beauty regimen and everyone’s magic cure wand in pain.