Mrs. Kalpna (Kelly) Mehta

PurWave Technology The main promoters of the company are KALPNA MEHTA (Kelly) & TARAK MEHTA. Mrs. Kalpna Mehta and Mr. Tarak Mehta are Co-Founders of SIRFKEVAL MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED. Together, they are responsible for the overall leadership and strategy, leaving management to their professional team of international and internationally exposed managers.

As true entrepreneurs and visionaries, the strength of the founding team lies in identifying and investing in next-generation technologies early on and encouraging markets to adopt these as cost-effective solutions in the field of health and wellness. The team of Kalpna and Tarak Mehta has been the driving force in the growth story of SIRFKEVAL MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED from a start-up with ambitions to take it to its eventual destination as a publically-traded global company of today.

Prior to founding SIRFKEVAL MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED, Kalpna and Tarak Mehta were working in the UK and have a successful history of entrepreneurship working in the United Kingdom. They have moved to India to give the benefit of their experience to the healthcare industry and promote the highly successful non-invasive technology in India.